Dr. Leopold Campbell, MD

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Expertise and Specialties:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Opiod Abuse Treatment
  • Tanscendental Meditation

OBOT & Medicine Management

Medical Doctor (MD)

Dr. Leo earned his MD from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica) in 1981,and his fascination with physiology lead him to intercalate a BSc (1979) during his medical training. After 20 years as a Family Practitioner, Dr. Leo immigrated to the USA to complete Internal Medicine training at Howard University, Washington DC, and saw up close the devastation and dysfunction caused by substance abuse, graduating top of his class in 2004.
After 10 years working as a Internal Medicine Hospitalist in North Carolina, and observing that most of his patients seemed dependent on opioids, Dr Leo began training in out-patient management of Opioid Abuse Disorder. He settled in Roanoke in 2014.
Throughout his career, Dr. Leo has been fascinated by the perfection-in-design found in the human physiology (the Body-Mind). It alerts us to any slight imbalance and immediately reacts to restore balance. Nothing can successfully challenge a balanced physiology. This lead to his training in Transcendental Meditation, a technique designed to accelerate the natural healing of mind and body. He sojourned in the Netherlands for 6 months in 1996 to become a Certified Teacher of the TM technique.
Dr. Campbell's philosophy: that Life is trying to bring the best out of us, to achieve perfection of the physiology. If we can expand our awareness to appreciate how much Life loves and cares for us, then we can take advantage of all Life has to offer. Bringing his clients to this awareness is his ultimate goal. Prescribing medication to help suffering clients feel more integrated and whole is one step in that direction.

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