ABT Counseling Now Offers Opioid Treatment

This summer ABT Counseling has begun offering Office-Based Opioid Treatment for chemical addiction. Medical Doctor Leopold Campbell, and Physician’s Assistant Anil Ganga and have joined the ABT staff which allows for this change.

Clinical Director and Founder of ABT Counseling, David Mortellaro, is enthused about what this means for patients. “So many people struggle with addictions of all kinds. Narcotic dependence can cause significant harm to people and their families.” He added, “This program, combining both a medical intervention and on-going therapy can bring success where other plans have failed.”

“Working together with trained counselors is essential in the treatment of opioid addiction,” said Dr. Campbell. “Taking Suboxone together with counseling will restructure the brain, allowing the patient to relearn positive behaviors and function normally.”

Each patient enrolled in the program will see Dr. Campbell once per week and a therapist once per week. ABT Counseling has five offices throughout Southwest Virginia. Dr. Campbell sees patients at the main office at 4346 Starkey Road in Roanoke. There are five counselors that will see OBOT patients for therapy weekly, four in the Roanoke office, one in the Salem office.

ABT Counseling has also updated its website and now has accounts on all the most popular platforms. Watch for new social media posts each week. You’ll hear from one of our therapists with an important message regularly.

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By the way, we are proud to call Southwest Virginia our home. You’ll notice that many of the images on the new web site feature the beauty of our region.