Five Reasons OBOT Works.


ABT Counseling now offers Office-Based Opioid Treatment with Suboxone. Here are five reasons why this is important.

  1. It is office-based. For many years narcotic addiction treatment was hospital or treatment center based. In an era of COVID-19 and that some patients just can’t make an in-patient scenario work for their unique situation, an office-based treatment, with Telehealth, is a very workable option.
  2. It starts with Suboxone. This treatment is successful because it is an opioid and it occupies opioid receptors in the body without the harmful side effects of other opioids.
  3. It combines counseling as a key part of the medical plan. “Counseling with Suboxone treatment is important because it restructures the brain,” said Dr. Leopold Campbell, medical director for the OBOT program at ABT Counseling. He is an internist who has been in practice for over 30 years. “The patient needs to learn when they are participating in poor behaviors,” he adds. “Counseling retrains the patient in how to function normally when they encounter a stressful situation. For example,” he continues. “If the patient is merely on Suboxone for their addiction, they will often retreat to taking the opioid that got them into trouble. Counseling gives them tools to handle the stress without resorting to drug abuse.”
  4. The OBOT program requires two weekly appointments. One is with Dr. Campbell that includes a drug screening. The second is with one of ABT Counseling’s five therapists that specialize in narcotic addiction treatment.
  5. The team approach works. Campbell notes that many times patients who abuse Suboxone do so in order to mask anxiety or depression. With the OBOT program, patients are weaned off of their dependence on narcotics, and at the same time are counseled how to help them manage their underlying mental health issues.

For more information on the Opioid-Based Office Treatment program at ABT Counseling, click here.