Art Therapy Can Help

Have you ever met with a therapist or counselor and you just couldn’t express with words what was in your heart and on your mind? Maybe it had to do with the pain associated with loss and grief? Or the hurt from the abuse?

ABT’s Resident Counselor Maria Williams is one of several therapists who use art therapy to help patients express what is going on inside their psyche.

“When we go through life, we might experience things that we don’t have the words to describe what happened.  By using art therapy, it allows another language to be used with your therapist,” she explained. “This added layer to the process can often lead to new insights about a situation.”

Art therapy is not limited to paint, the patient and counselor can choose to work with sand, colored pencils, clay, crafts, or an endless variety of media.

“You don’t have to be artist, or have special skills about art,” said Williams. “It’s all about the process and what comes out of creating something.”

If you’d like more information about art therapy, or talking with a counselor who might utilize this process to help you in your situation, click here to contact us.