Counseling in Roanoke, Virginia

ABT Counseling’s Mission

Since its inception in 1995, ABT Counseling has offered “more than just talk therapy”. Our CEO and clinical director, David Mortellaro, is passionate about offering clients evidence-based options for addressing their concerns in addition to a listening ear.

As part of this mission, David recognizes that employing a broad team of mental health counselors and psychiatric medication management professionals can help better meet the vast mental health needs of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding communities. Each provider has the freedom to expertly use their own specialties and techniques with clients.

ABT Counseling in Roanoke for Almost 30 Years

Many of our providers have been with us from the beginning (Check out Darnell, Bobby, and Amy!); however, several counselors have recently joined the ABT network or expanded their practice availability for counseling in Roanoke. Keep reading to learn more about our mental health providers.

Roanoke Office

As of May 2024, Mary Francis, LPC has joined us full-time. She has immediate availability for clients experiencing mood concerns and relationship challenges.

Daleville Office

In our Daleville office, Anne Parsley, LPC, and Drew Kennedy, Resident in Counseling, have community mental health experience and enjoy working with individuals who have experienced stressors. Both Anne and Drew use skills-oriented approaches such as dialectical behavior therapy.

Also in our Daleville office, Brianna McMillan, LPC, enjoys working with couples to improve their relationship dynamics.

Salem Office

In our Salem office, Tayonna Hash, Resident in Counseling, works with children and adults through solution-focused and narrative lenses.

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